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School Management Committee.

             (a)       Patrons                -           Cdr, 93 Inf Bde

             (b)       Chairman             -           CO, Saujiyan Bn

             (c)        Secy                    -          2IC, Saujiyan Bn

             (d)        Members             -          Principal and selected teachers (2 - 3)

             (e)        Hony Members     -           Selected local prominent pers on rotation basis


Financial Management.       All financial aspects of the school will be managed by the School Management Committee.  Financial Powers for the various members of the School Management Committee have been laid down for both Budgeted and Non-Budgeted expenditure.  At the beginning of the Academic session, schools must plan the budgeted expenditure for the whole year and only after taking stock of the total income and expenditure of the school should have an account with the bank where their salary is credited in their account each month.